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Subject: Feelings of security, part 4Feelings of Security, Part 4 by lennoxbearaol.comEric had just finished showering, again, and was looking forward to
relaxing in bed after the busy weekend. He was absent-mindedly stroking
his dick, still feeling the presence of Tom in his house, when the phone
brought him back into reality. preteen pedo lolita bbs
He walked into the bedroom to pick it up
and heard Marsh teasing him."Well, did you wear out the poor fucker? Don't spare any details.""No, he left here still able to walk upright, this time.""And?""Have to admit I like the guy, a lot, and that it is a bit scary to me
right now. Not sure I want someone back in my life, but I sure as hell
seem to be developing feelings for Tom. My dick gets hard thinking about
him and I have a nice warm feeling elsewhere for him.""Did you tell him everything?"No, too much to burden him with about my former life, there is time for
that.""What about the workout piece?""Not exactly. He said he would work to be whatever kind of man I wanted
him to be, but I didn't tell him about the whole regimen. I did, however,
slip him the first dose.""You dog, and he doesn't know! Geez.""Yeah, about now he should still be feeling pumped and a bit buzzy. Not to
mention horny, but I think that comes naturally anyway. He's coming over
Tuesday evening to workout and I'll tell him everything then. I promise""Well, we like him and think he would be good for you. And, heaven knows,
he would be super hot on the stuff.""Truly. Plus, it would give me incentive to go back on again and get more
size. In all the right places.""Good grief, clothes hardly fit you now. And I get dizzy thinking about
that horse cock getting bigger.""You love it.""Yeah, I do, but do you think Tom will always be open to sharing you.""I don't know that, but I would be willing to be monogamous for him.""That'll be the day. That dick is a butt magnet.""Bitch, all I have to do is avoid guys like you and Jack.""And you know we would never let that happen. I'll let you go. We think
you should give it a try with Tom. He's bright, good-looking, motivated
and wants to be your man."Marsh hears a sigh on the phone, "I think so to, but I'm a slow mover. If
you see me getting off track just dope-slap me."Gladly. Hey, big guy, you get some rest, I'm sure you need it. We'll
talk at work.""Goodnight, slut.""Love you too." Eric hung up the phone and lay face down on the bed
grinding his still erect cock into the mattress. Ever since Tom had walked
into the office at work, he had been obsessed with thinking about him.
Now, after spending a weekend with him, he was strongly feeling lust and
more. He rolled back over onto his back and flipped through the TV channels
idly. About 10 PM he got up, took the musclepack of special tablets the
doctor friend had concocted. He slid back into bed. He felt the buzz
overtake his muscular body. Fifteen minutes later he was zonked out.
______________Kyle wrestled with Tom on the bed. He finally succeeded in getting his
jeans unzipped and pulled down. Tom's dick sprang up and slapped him in
the face."Christ it's huge. Bigger than I remember, you been lolita pics no nude working that muscle
too.""Don't be silly, it's the same size, but I have to admit I still feel
pumped from the workout and run this weekend. Never lasted this long
before.""It must be luuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvv," Kyle rested his head on Tom's
big square pecs and waved the rigid tool back and forth. "I really want
you to fuck me, but I guess we better not with Mom and Dad downstairs.
That's all we need is for them to walk in on us. But, buddy boy, I will
get you naked soon. I better go study. We college freshmen have to keep
up with the reading, you know.""You go do that, shit for brains," Tom hugged Kyle and warmly kissed his
smaller brother. Kyle got up pulled his clothes back on and left for his
room. Tom lay on the bed softly fingering his rock hard cock. It wouldn't
go down. He got up and stripped to check out his reflection in his bedroom
mirror. Funny, he actually thought he looked bigger than a couple of days
ago. He struck several muscular poses and liked what he was seeing. He
brushed his teeth and slid into bed to read from one of his computer
manuals. By 10 PM, he was sound asleep. The alarm clock's obnoxious
buzzing woke him at 6:30. Time to get ready for his last week as an intern
at S&F Security.Tom nearly bounced into the work site to meet his team members at the
coffee bar. They remarked on his good legal videos lolitas sites
spirits and he explained Eric
offered him a job. He left out all of the details on everything else. His
buddies congratulated him and they all left for the new construction
project where they would be working for several weeks. When they got to
the building there was a note waiting for Tom at the gate. It was
handwritten by Eric telling him to be sure to introduce himself to Darrell,
who would be his new boss and not to be late for his workout tomorrow
night. And thanks for the great weekend.Most of the workday flew by before Tom could hook up with Darrell. He
found the man in a back office organizing plans for the job."Excuse me, I'm Tom Bell. Eric asked me to stop by and introduce myself.
I start working for you next week." Tom walked into the office and felt
his dick going hard. Darrell stood up to shake his hand. Tom mentally
thought what a hot fucking man. Darrell Stoddard was a beautifully
sculpted, 6'5" black man with a trim beard, a small waist and shoulders
that had to be three feet across. The T-shirt clung to the squarest set of
pecs Tom could ever remember seeing. Everything about the man was perfect
square cut muscle. Darrell smiled and firmly shook his hand."Eric told me all about you, " smiling slyly. "Everything, including to
keep my hands off." Tom's eyes opened wider. "Just kidding. He said you
were the right man to work for this company, and I don't put the moves on
anyone at work. But you are preteen girl lolitas modela everything he said."Tom felt his face redden and his dick go get completely erect. "I, uh,
don't know what to say. I'm very happy to be working with you. And, uh,
holy shit are you built.""Thanks, I owe it all to Eric. The man knows his stuff. Listen to what he
says and follow all the rules.""Oh, I will. I still feel pumped from this weekend. Can't wait to hit the
gym tonight.""Well, workout hard and Eric's guidance will payoff. In the meantime, I
look forward to your joining my team next week." Darrell noticed Tom
trying to hide his hard cock. "And don't be embarrassed. I had the same
reaction to you." Darrell dropped the blueprint he was holding to show Tom
the hard outline of flesh going down the left leg of his worn black jeans.
Tom stepped closer and felt the outline of the huge cock with one hand and
the left pec and nipple with his other."He didn't say I had to keep my hands off too, did he?""Technically, no, but I am not sure you should be doing this." Darrell
felt his nipples getting hard from Tom's hot hand on his chest."The crew's have all left for the day and I need some incentive for the
gym.""Hmm, Eric said you were a bit on the shy side, but I see he's helped you
get over that." He walked across the office to close and lock the door,
then turned around and stripped off his shirt. He crossed back to where
Tom was standing. Tom's mouth went for Darrell's nipples as his hands
unzipped the black man's jeans and pulled them down. Darrell's cock had to
be a foot long and was so hard it stood straight out from his lean smooth
body. Tom ran his tongue from one nipple to the other and lowered himself
to his knees to lick the underside of the ebony beauty. He could smell the
day's work on Darrell's balls and washed them with his tongue. Darrell
moaned and forced Tom's face into his crotch."Suck my balls boy. Get my cock good and hard." Tom laboured to get both
balls into his mouth but had to settle for one at a time. He sucked on
each one pulling back to give Darrell just a bit of pain. His eager tongue
worked over the thick black shaft, tracing preteen girl lolitas modela the pulsing veins until he could
get his tongue into the deep piss slit. A thick clear fluid was pouring
from Darrell's cock. "Drink that juice, it'll give you stamina for your
workout."Tom swallowed the huge tool slowly. He worked on it until he had the whole
damn member down his throat."Geez, where'd ya learn that? No one has ever swallowed the whole thing."
Tom just mumbled his reply, not chancing to let go. He reached around to
Darrell's beefy butt and started pushing him in and out of his throat. "Oh
shit, and you want face fucked. Well, who am I to argue." Darrell fucked
Tom's throat until he felt he was going to shoot, only to have Tom pull off
and stand up."I think you should fuck me now." He bent over and forced his asshole
against the swollen head of Darrell's cock. He felt Darrel reach past him
for something from his lunchbox. He saw a tube of preteen nude model loli lube and smiled. "You
always pack lube in your lunch?""Actually no, this seems to be my lucky day." Darrell spread a huge gob of
the cold lube into Tom's pucker hole and more on his throbbing dick. He
grabbed the base and slowly pushed into Tom. The entry was smooth and
easy. 'Oh man, you are heaven.""Fuck me sir, I'm here for your pleasure." Darrell slammed his cock into
Tom's tight ass. He worked Tom's sore nipples until Tom thought his chest
was vanessa preteen illegal lolita going to explode. Darrell then reached down to stroke Tom's fat cock.
In a few short minutes Darrell pulled out to shoot a thick wad across the
muscular back. He stood there breathing deeply. Then he noticed the pool
of cum on the corner of his desk from Tom. "Guess I hit the right target?"Tom turned around and felt the cum oozing down his ass cheeks, he licked
Darrell's nipples again. "This will really get me through my workout.
Thank you sir."My pleasure," Darrell kissed Tom. "Don't worry, I won't tell Eric.""That's OK, I will. I think it would be hot to have both of you do me in
the hottub.""Oh fuck, you better go before young naked lolita model I need to fuck that hot ass again. Don't be
late next Monday. I may have to punish you.""Works for me," Tom pulled up his jeans without wiping the cum from his
body. "I better get to the gym."Tom decided to blast his chest at the gym. His hard nipples were clearly
visible through the T-shirt he was wearing. He pumped his pecs for an hour
and a half. Each press or dumbbell young russian pretties lolita move flexed his chest and forced the
material across his battered nipples. It only made him want more. He
could still feel Darrell's cock in his ass. Tom's own dick was full and
thick, not hard, but very obvious in his snug shorts. By the time he was
finished he felt as if he had done a total body workout. Every muscle in
his body was humming and feeling full. He glanced at himself in the
mirrors as he headed to the showers and stopped in awe of what he saw. His
whole body actually looked fuller. All the muscles were round and pumped,
just the way he liked, but he couldn't understand why even his legs felt
worked over.The hot water of the shower made him long to be with Eric. He stood under
the powerful spray for several minutes relaxing his muscles. A bottle of
shampoo dropping on the floor got his attention. A young russian pretties lolita
guy, who he had long
suspected of being gay was standing at the shower next to him smiling
widely."Buddy, I don't know what you are thinking about, but it must be good," he
darted his eyes down to Tom's dick. Tom looked down and realized he had an
enormous erection bobbing happily in front of him. A moment of panic
coursed through his body."OH shit.""Hey, no problem, I'm not complaining. But, you know how some of the
rednecks can be about us." Tom looked at the guy and smiled then laughed.
"I don't know what you changed with your workout but the gains look
awesome. Keep up the good work, uh, and that too." The guy gave Tom's
cock and quick tug and walked out of the shower.Tom finished and hurried back to his locker to change. He drove home and
dashed up the stairs to Kyle's room. Kyle was studying at his computer
when he ran in and sat on the bed. "Do you think I am beefier than I was a
few days ago?"Kyle looked up from the computer, "Oh, I don't know. You strip, I'll bend
over and you can fuck me so I can judge your body weight.""Seriously, dork." lolita nude preteen forums Tom pulled off his shirt and posed for his brother.
Kyle tilted his head from side to side assessing the muscle stud in front
of him."Yeah, I think so. New routine?""No, but all of a sudden I am making great gains, like overnight. I'm
psyched. And constantly horny. All I can think about is Eric, I want to be
with him now.""Well, that's cool but does he know that, and if not, my ass is available
for immediate fucking. Except, Mark is coming over to study and we usually
end up doing it. So, I'm saving myself." Kyle snubbed his brother
good-naturedly."Great, have a good time. I'll try not to listen at the door. I need to
get something to preteen girl lolitas modela eat. Do you think mom will notice?"Nah, as long as we continue to buy our own clothes, she won't see a thing.
Except you need to kill the cock tent in your pants. That, she might
notice.""Yeah, gotta do something about that," he gave his brother a sloppy kiss
and groped his crotch. Kyle giggled and pushed him toward the door."If you're holding out on me with some new miracle supplement, you better
share. I want to be beefy too."Tom rearranged his hardon so it was straight up behind his zipper. He
pulled the biggest sloppiest sweatshirt over it that he could find. His
mother never noticed as he raided the fridge. She kept him supplied with a
good stock of chicken breast, tuna, rice and fruit. He stacked a plateful
and ran back to his room. He wolfed down the food with a protein shake as
he flexed in front of the mirror. He also noticed his beard was heavier,
as if he hadn't shaved for a couple of days. Maybe being around Eric and
having all this sex was stimulating his growth hormones.He watched TV for a little while then studied a bit more of his computer
stuff. About 9:30, he decided young russian pretties lolita he couldn't take it anymore and tried to
call Eric. His heart sank when no one answered and the machine picked up.
He left a cheery message and just reminded Eric he would be there for lolicon little skin nude their
workout with bells on. He thought of saying with balls on to make a cute
sexy message but thought better of it. Then he realized his nuts were
feeling rather odd. He stripped and fondled them. They were bigger and
fuller than he ever remembered. Just playing with them got him hard. It
only took a few strokes to shoot a fucking unreal amount of hot white jism
on an old towel. Cumming seemed to cause him to relax and he fell asleep
sprawled across his bed.Eric was in the shower after his workout when he heard the phone ringing.
It was too late to make a dash to grab it. The machine clicked on and he
would have to get the message in a few minutes. He walked into the bedroom
with a towel wrapped around his waist. His thick muscular body was pumped
bigger than ever. His nipples were almost an inch out in front and
pointing downward. The thigh muscles moving back and forth pulled the
towel from his waist. The abs were chiseled like a marble statue. He
glimpsed himself in the mirror and tossed the towel on the bed. His balls
were nearly the size of large oranges and his cock was bigger around now
than most men's forearms. He liked the look and played with legal videos lolitas sites his nipples as
he rewound the answering machine."Hey boss man, I guess you are out. Sorry I missed you, but I just wanted
to say I will be there tomorrow with bells on for our workout. I may even
try to get there a bit early. Well, I'm going to study and try to get to
bed by 10. Gotta rest to grow. Thanks for everything, love ya, bye."Eric sat on the edge of the bed staring at the phone machine. His mouth
was open and his eyes glazed over. He reached for the phone and noticed it
was already 10:20. He better let the boy sleep. He walked down to the
kitchen to get a protein shake and a musclepack. The moonlight coming in
through the French doors of the dining room silhouetted his huge massive
frame. The broad shoulders shook as he sobbed, his forehead against the
cool glass.

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